Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thankful Thursday - Bootcamp and Group Support Make Exercising Enjoyable

My daughter and I have been attending a weekly Boot camp. It is something we both need to do for various reasons and it has become "our thing". The exercise is the main drawcard, the group is local and the personal trainer encourages you to reach and even push through your current fitness level which is a must for both of us. We both have a tendency to back off before we reach our true potential.

At first I was happy to attend, do my session through gritted teeth and head home, ticking it off my list as something I had to do for both of our well being, both physical and mental. It was on my weekly to-do list, like a chore or weekly meeting with compulsory attendance.

Somehow, and quite magically I have realised that I no longer see it as just another thing on my list. I now look forward to the hourly session, which is different each week. It is always a good workout which keeps it interesting and challenging.

I realise though that each week I am needing Boot Camp for the many benefits it now brings, whether it is the relief it brings to my Anxiety Symptoms, the social interaction of the group, or the hour dedicated to self healing.

The bonus of Boot Camp has turned out to be the group itself. 

Initiated and run by a person who walks the talk by continuing to improve her health after losing close to 50 kilos, the personal trainer wants others to feel the same satisfaction and pride in taking control of their fitness and getting the best out of life. The people that make up the group are quite a mixture in fitness, experience, age and personality. We have felt welcomed from the start and the group is strong in its belief of encouragement and is displayed each and every week, which also spills over to encouragement on social media in daily achievements. We both enjoy the group experience rather than exercising solo or one on one. Everyone has different skills and assets, and I have been continually inspired by many members in their achievements and commitment to their individual goals.

I am thankful that we have joined this group, and thankful that we feel so supported.

Miss 11 and I sporting a bit of colourful positivity