Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Changes That Make You Step Up And Be Accountable

Changes. You either embrace them or get swept up by them. Personally, I like change. I like to see progress, growth and transformation. We are experiencing a time of change within our household right now. It seems to be working well for everyone and we are all finding our groove. We are still in the early stages.

We have just gone from one working parent to both working.
It has been quite full on and we have had to be organised in our daily routines. With one parent at home in the day we have often made some last minute choices like what was for dinner, let's charge the kids iPods, a quick visit to the supermarket, a catchup with a friend, a random moment of chaotic room reorganizing, a walk with dogs. Now all of these things need a bit more planning and structure to make the house run smoothly.

The kids have stepped up when asked and even initiated their own new routine. Straight after dinner the animals are fed without the usual reminder and nagging. They are rinsing mugs after using them and popping their dishes in the dishwasher. This was previously a constant request that was done only occasionally. They are even making their own lunches and making sure things are ready for school the night before.

I have always had a theory that people mostly do what they need to. You have some that do as little as possible and some who do as much as they can, but the majority of people will perform at a comfortable level of participation and bring on their best game when it is essential. Our little team is sensing the need for full participation right now and as a result we seem to be running smoothly towards the finish line.

What changes are you experiencing right now?