Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is the start ....

Today is the start of.........

well, Winter here for starters. I was working today so my little heater kept me toasty warm.

It can be hard to gauge the temperature outside when the heaters are cranking through the winter and air conditioning in the summer. That's why it's great that our trusty and thoughtful computer technician - PC (and that really is his initials) installed, for our convenience, a little weather application that tells us the temperature outside our cosy building.

For the first day of winter, the weather was actually quite pleasant. I'm sure the cold stuff is on the way though, so we are making plans to the head to higher country for our annual family snow trip. We are hoping to get the timing right.

Today was also the start of The Healthy Heart Challenge. I'm sure you can still register and you would be doing yourself a real favour. If you are anything like me encouragement and something to aim for is great.

Not inspired to join me?
Maybe you could read Dreena's story. She happens to be one of the ambassadors and she also happens to be my hubby's adored cousin. Her story is VERY real and one that should be taken note of, as it mirrors the current situation of so many people. I'm sure she won't mind me sharing.

So part of the Challenge is to choose a goal suitable for you - so I have chosen "be active everyday". So I checked the weather application today before venturing outdoors. I chose my route and set off at a decent pace. Once on my way, the sun felt great on my back, and I think if it was hotter
I may have been a bit "stinky" when I got back to the office. On my return I had some water (very important) and had a healthy lite lunch.

I'm not training for a marathon, just trying to improve my fitness and quality of life.

Have you had a check-up the the doctor lately? Do you know the risk of heart disease or of you having a heart attack? A little gruesome, I know... and I know you read my blog for some upbeat, positive influence.... so look on the positive side and join me in the challenge to make the most of life.

A wise person once told me "YOU need to look after number 1, because you can't rely on anyone else to do it for you". I have thought back to this on many occasions and it was sometimes been the "make or break" when I have chosen one way or another.

Are you looking after number 1?