Friday, 29 July 2011

Grateful .... that things can be fixed

This week has been interesting to say the least. I felt like I was literally running from one errand to another. Bills were coming in the mail as I was paying others and putting them away. And things broke .... but thankfully, were repaired.
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When we moved into our house and did a complete renovation in 2001 (where did that time go?) we installed a new oven in our new kitchen. The old kitchen really wasn't usable, as was the case with some other areas of the house - but that's a whole other story. Our oven has been great and the ceramic cook top still looked schmicko - until I opened the cupboard above and a glass bottle leaped from the shelf in an attempt to escape, and bounced straight onto the glass. It was one of those moments when you squeeze your eyes shut and hope that when you open them it's all OK. But alas, there were several cracks sprouting out from the "crash site".  I was quite amazed,and oh so happy that we could order a replacement top which hubby cleverly installed.

Moving on...

How many times do we drive the same roads, to and from our usual pit stops? Sometimes, we arrive and wonder whether we could have paid more attention, forgetting going past the petrol station or through that roundabout. I'm not going where you think I am, SO PAY ATTENTION.
This particular afternoon I was paying attention, as I should be and practicing my defensive driving.
I saw a car creeping forward out of a lane way into the main street on which I was travelling. I kept my eye on them and even moved closer to the centre white line to allow for the front of the car. But alas the lady somehow didn't see my car (which was right in front of her at this point) and kept driving onto the main street and into the back left of my car. That sickening thud and the shake of the car caused the usual reaction from the two kids, "Mum, what was that?" The lady was most apologetic and gave me her details and told me to get a quote and she would fix up the bill, as she didn't have insurance. Ho hum!

And because these things come in three's, we'll move on ...

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We have often joked about setting Master 3 up in a padded room as he is very much a rough and tumble boy.  We try not to be too precious about the house and furniture, but have rules about what is allowed to happen in the house. Despite his hyper activity and the love of swinging things around, we have somehow managed to avoid major disaster. So when hubby called me at work, and offered me "bad news or bad news" I just put my head in my hands and waited for the inevitable. Of course, my question was "what has he done now?" In Master 3s defense he hadn't been doing much at all, and the thought that he may get in trouble sent Miss 7 into a spin to quickly fabricate a great story involving people passing by. Master 3 had managed to crack the bottom pane in the front window with his bum, as he leaned against it bumping back and forth. The crack was quite large (and reminded me oddly of the one on the cook top) but not being happy with his effort, later Master 3 curiously bumped his bum against the window again but, alas, this time the cracks increased and the middle of the window fell out onto the front lawn. Hubby and I looked at each other at this point and turned and left the room. Hubby called our trusty glazier who's number we keep handy. He arrived to pop in a new pane of glass and he and Master 3 had a chat and caught up on the gossip since his last visit.

At the end of the day the above story is really just that. A story to tell, as it didn't really cause too much of a bump in our week, and was fixed with a couple of phone calls and cash.