Thursday, 28 July 2011

Happiness is .... a hubby who cooks

I think I picked quite well when I chose my hubby. He is very multi-skilled and hands-on.

As I work part-time, it is lovely on those days to know I am coming home to a beautifully cooked meal. Hubby is a bit of a whiz in the kitchen. He is one of those talented sorts that throws a heap of ingredients together and picks the right flavours, and makes a meal that satisfies.

Lucky for me, as my hubby reminded me just the other day. When he finished a meal I had cooked, he remarked how far I had come since we first got together. When I threw him a "look" he backed up his remark by saying that even I had to admit I could once burn a pot of water. Isn't it lucky I "learned a thing or two" and didn't just throw in the towel and leave him to the task.

So this week we have been treated to one of his famous casseroles. Now I must tell you, that his casseroles not only taste great they are wonderful for these chilly nights, but that is not why they are famous. When hubby makes a casserole, he puts everything into it - and I'm not just talking effort but every ingredient he can toss in. Hubby's casseroles are usually made in our biggest boiler and we usually eat a meal from it, and then freeze the rest in portions that are ideal for our family for one meal. It is mass production and hubby pulls it off in no time.

Personally, I like to follow a recipe. My mother is the same, and I have obviously followed her lead. Hubby, on the other hand will NEVER get a recipe book out. He has a great knack of being able to choose very complimentary flavours, and his meals may not taste the same each time he makes a dish, but it's always yummy.

Do I sound a little smitten with this guy? After 16 years together, and he still rings all my bells.

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