Saturday, 30 July 2011

To market, to market

The smell, the crowd, the music, the stalls, the atmosphere ... I love it all.

We visited Salamanca Market for the first time in quite a while as a family today. Our whole family has to be in the right mood for the market. It's not somewhere you want to be, in amongst what can sometimes be a large crowd, with a child who is tired and wants to be carried, or a child who won't hold your hand and wants to touch everything.

Hubby wanted a good quality belt which we knew would be available at one of the leather stalls. He found one quickly and the stall holder was super helpful in advising which one would be best.

Then we had a bit of a wander. We listened to a young man busking with a guitar. He was good so we through some coins in his case. I think Master 3 would have watched and listened to him for quite some time. We bought a baked blueberry cheesecake to take home. Mmmmmm. There was quite a lot on offer today and Master 3 took a liking to the miniature guitars.

And no trip to the market is complete for our family without a Dagwood dog. I always have to laugh at the amount of sauce the kids end of with on their chins.