Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happiness is ... stepping up to the plate


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Some people need to be told when they need to put in a little effort. That's OK. It's not always obvious that your help is needed, or that someone isn't coping doing a task by themselves. Some people, hopefully only a handful in your life, need to be constantly told in put in some effort. That can be annoying. We all need a little nudge now and then, but mostly people are aware of things and people around them.

As a parent, one value I try to instill in my children is respect.

  • For life, for property, for parents, for elders, for nature, and for the beliefs and rights of others
  • Courtesy, politeness, and manners
  • Self-respect 
This week Miss 7 did her parents proud when Hubby became ill and asked for her help. Miss 7 has always been eager to please, accommodating and grateful for any praise (on a good day). She jumped at the chance to help her poor, sick Dad and I could almost see her puffing her chest out with pride at being asked. While her Dad has not been well, she has fed our dog and settled her into her kennel each night. Such a simple but important task done has been a relief for hubby.

This morning Miss 7 and I took the opportunity to go outside early with some nice weather and hubby and Master 3 sleeping in. After a little umming and ahhing about what she could help with, Miss 7 decided that she would clean out the dog's yard. She has never undertaken this weekly task before but watched hubby do it.

Armed with a long handled shovel, she proceeded to remove the doggy doo without batting an eyelid or the usual dry retching sound heard from hubby. She then pulled the hose out and washed down the yard till it sparkled and washed and filled the water bucket (without getting wet).

When hubby emerged, I expected her to run up and offer her good deed done for the appropriate praise. She said nothing. After a little while I mentioned to hubby how busy I had been in the veggie patch, and that Miss 7 had also been busy.

The look on his face when he discovered the efforts Miss 7 had gone to in completing his weekly task was priceless (and just a touch emotional).  Miss 7 took her praise graciously.
It was a great moment for Miss 7 and also her parents.