Thursday, 1 September 2011

Memorable moments with the cherubs

I'm so pleased to be joining seven cherubs again this week for her ongoing project of Cherishing our Cherubs.

This week we are remembering special moments. There are literally a trillion memories, moments and photos that I could have picked for this post. It was a really hard decision which way to go, so I hope you enjoy these memories.

Freedom is sweet
Our daughter was always bubbly and full of giggles. There were those grumpy moments (of course), but generally she was a treasure. They say that children will reach their milestones in their own time, and she was doing all the things her peers were doing at 5 months of age.
Our clinic nurse showed concern during a check and urged me to seek the opinion of a doctor. The doctor was happy with our little girl's progress and sent us on our merry way. Several weeks later, after more urging from our nurse (bless you Ruth), we ended up in Radiology and learned that our precious girl's right hip was, and always had been, completely dislocated.
Her father and I were distraught, wondering how this could have been missed for so long, by the medical professionals and us.
It broke my heart the day I had to hold her so they could put the little mask on her face that would send her to sleep. To feel her limp body in my arms was surreal. That operation was the first procedure to correct her hip displasia and the last time we would see her from top to toe for the next nine months.
We took our little girl home, and started the process of reorganising her wardrobe and finding suitable equipment to accommodate her cast.
The last cast was removed when she was 15 months old. She had adjusted well to each cast and her mobility restraints. She certainly coped with the ordeal better than I did.

To see her free of the cast finally and be told her hip was shaping well was such a relief.  In the end, compared to the medical situations of so many others, this was a small hiccup in life, but it was our little girl's life.

Our adventurer
Since our son could crawl life has just been one huge adventure. He is at his happiest when he is free to explore. We have so many memories already of him getting into situations where our hearts have been up in our throats. He is certainly in his element in the outdoors and can physically do things that I have not seen his peers do. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. We'll see.
I have mentioned before of our holiday spot and his love of rock jumping. The speed at which he can move across the rocks always astounds me. He is sure footed and very agile. His curiosity of the things around him is ever-present.  This means that he is very hands-on, constantly, dirty, wet and poking things that he shouldn't. But the wonder in his eyes and the glee at discovering something is just beautiful.
His list of skills/conquers/accomplishments in his 3 years is lengthy, including climbing the ladder to the roof, learning how to open the window and walking along the outside windowsill, skilled with a scooter, competent with a drill, kicks a football well, great at handstands, has very cool dance moves,  performs acrobatics, hangs upside down from the monkey bars, and many more. Some of these skills we applaud. Others have us cringing as we run to his rescue.