Friday, 2 December 2011

Things I know ... about the sicko in my town

I know that there are a few strange people in our town. Sometimes, quite a few. Mostly they are fine though. They tend to keep to themselves and not cause too much trouble.

On the other hand, there seems to be someone currently lurking in the shadows. This is the sort of person that any town can do without. There is certainly no room for them in MY town.
Apparently, we have ourselves a very unsavoury type .... a child exploiter!

I read in a local newspaper recently with disgust, that the individual in question is from my town and, if he went to school here,  would have been attending several years under me at high school. Flashes of people rushed through my mind. Surely, I don't know this sicko - could I?

So with the accused man released on bail until the 19th of December, we are now waiting to see justice done on this day, and learn the name of the sicko living amongst us. I hope the judge is a responsible parent.

Read the official article here.
Newspaper article

It sickens me that he may have grown up here, walked the streets amongst us, lined up with us at the post office, or sat before me on the bench at the local cafe.

Have you ever had a child exploiter in your town? What are your thoughts?