Friday, 2 December 2011

Happiness is ..Best things in life

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It's official. Yet another study has found that the quality of life in Australia is right up there with the best.
Not surprisingly, the study has also found that people are less likely to measure happiness in terms of success or money. This is good for the majority of us, who are neither on the successful or rich list. And a great relief in times of economic uncertainty. So what does bring us happiness?

It was found that more people rated their happiness on "life's good moments" which incorporated social and sporting activities, and more importantly were shared with others.

I am a huge believer of this. Who wants to do something that creates excitement and joy on their own? How many could say that the happiest moments in their lives were experienced while alone?

Apparently, social media and technology have played a big role in this happiness as people are able to share things with others quicker and more freely.

You can read more on the study here.

The Daily Telegraph's story on the LG social study

So I will continue to experience life and it's less expensive activities, whilst sharing them with those around me.
How do you feel money and success rate in feeling happy?

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