Thursday, 9 February 2012

Smiling won't send you bankrupt

Smiling is so easy ... so why do some people find it so hard?

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It is normal practise for me, when I am out and about, to offer people a smile as I pass them. I guess it's part of my upbringing, that you smile or offer a greeting. Coming from a rural town might also have something to do with it.

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Have you ever been out walking and the person walking toward you has a frown or looks totally bummed out? I love that feeling, when you offer them a big smile and a bubbly "Good Morning", and their face suddenly breaks into a smile too. If nothing else, I have accomplished something in my day.

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Now I know there are those out there that are allergic and repulsed by the openly happy person. I came across two such individuals on the weekend. Admittedly they were in their teens (I know I was a hormonal grump in my teens), but would it have been such an effort to return my smile just once in the many times I passed them? I always like to think that it actually takes more energy to frown and scowl like the snooty teens young ladies did, than offer a small smile.

If there is one thing that is free in this world, it is the ability to smile and be friendly.
Try it - it might grow on you.

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