Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I like to dream

I like to dream. About things that most likely may not happen.

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Is it silly to waste my time, thinking of something out of my reach? Not for me!

I like to dream about houses. Ones out of my budget.
This has been a part of me since childhood.
My parents still have sketchbooks of mine with picture upon picture of house plans. The house plans show furniture and the gardens are landscaped.
I love looking at house plans and pictures of the finished product. I even like changing the house plans to suit my situation. I think this has boosted my creativity and imagination skills.

I also love renovating shows. Whether it be the shows that change one room, or the shows that start with a mess and come out with a masterpiece. I love the garden reno shows too. As well as the auctions shows and shows of people looking to buy a house. I love them all. Is it silly to be so infatuated by something that may never be mine. I don't think so. To dream is to live in hope. To keep the imagination alive.

Did you know that there are many suggested benefits to daydreaming?
It is said that daydreaming can be thought of as a form of meditation. Taking the mind away from current issues and thoughts.
The more you daydream, the more you may see the possibility of making your dreams happen.
Daydreaming can also help to find solutions and brainstorm.
Daydreaming is a way to boost your mood by taking yourself to a happier, nicer place.

What do you like to dream about?