Thursday, 12 April 2012

Grateful for ... the family who can be together

If you ever want to test how you function as a family, hop in a small boat for the day and go fishing.

You'll need a little settling period as everyone gets comfy, works out the seating arrangements, and hooks are baited. Then, let the fun begin. It won't take long for everyone to figure out if this is a good situation for them or not, and where they fit in the puzzle.
The action personality will want to be wherever the action is, hopping around the boat, treading on toes.  He is way too busy to do any fishing himself.

 The Peacemaker will do whatever he can to make everyone else happy. Offering snacks, making sure there is enough bait, and driving the boat to a new spot when the fish are not biting.

The Drama Queen will squeal each time a fish is reeled in, and will be the official watch for sharks

 The Glass half full Personality is just happy to be there, soaking up the sun, doing anything other than housework.

At the end of the day, everyone has had fun together, even if all the fish that were caught were too little to keep.   The personalities have survived` being held together within the shell of the boat. The weather was fair and the fish were biting. Everyone has a tale to tell and there is always the threat that the boys might even catch more fish than the girls .... next time.

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