Friday, 13 July 2012

Appreciation for The Olden Days

I love how a child's mind works. They can look at things in wonder and imagine shapes and what makes things work.

My children are particularly fascinated with things and happenings from the "olden days". For young minds that have known nothing but modern convenience, to hear that things haven't always been this way really opens their imagination.

My son was hesitant to sit on our toilet recently, as it was a little cold. He laughed when I told him that his Grandparents had toilets outside when they were younger. I explained that the toilet seat would have been really cold for them. He thought about this for a while as he did his business. "But why would they do that Mum" he asked in wonder. He could not comprehend why the toilet would not be inside the house.

My daughter thought the idea of riding a horse to school, as was quite common for some, would have been the best thing in the world. She is quite the romantic, and I can imagine her vision of herself making a grand entrance at school atop a big, shiny horse.

Both the children were amazed that when we were children, you needed to do your shopping before noon on a Saturday, or wait until Monday. Shopping hours have changed quite a bit since I was little with many shops open all weekend and some open til midnight or 24 hours.

I guess it shows how things don't remain the same for long. I thought of the time my parents grew up as "the old days", and now my children think the same about my childhood. I will continue to point out the conveniences of today's world, and share history and memories.

The olden days provide many lessons, give us appreciation for technology and convenience, but also show how things can advance and change.