Friday, 21 September 2012

Charged Double for texting with Smileys

What is the world coming to? I really shouldn't be so surprised, as I find out today that they give then they take away. Isn't that the world we are currently living in? Let me be more specific.

As sms and texting has become more popular, so too has the inclusion of the smiley face using either an app. or by using a sequence of punctuation, like commas and full stops, etc. Such as :-).
It is a cute way of ending your message, and adds a little emotion. Thus, they are also called emoticons.

It appears that the use of these little faces in your message actually can cost you twice as much when you send it. How rude!

Apparently by using certain symbols, like the bullet point for instance, the message is encoded differently and the length of your message allowed is reduced from 160 characters to 70. So a message of over 70 characters that includes any particular accents, punctuation or the popular smiley icons, will be charged as two messages.

When Kochie on Channel 7's Sunrise bought it to my attention this morning as I ate my breakkie, I nearly fell off my chair in shock. A reported actually tried it and confirmed it had been charged twice. Ironically, he was reporting outside the Apple store for the launch of the iPhone 5.

So, for me, my texting will now be emotion free. I will however, be blowing a big raspberry to the technical world, with satisfaction, each time I now send my messages.

Chubby Cheeks Thinks