Sunday, 16 September 2012

Do you answer the phone during the night?

Just as much as I hate getting calls during the night, I also hate making those calls. When you are pulled from your sleep by the ringing of the phone, it always sounds urgent, and I always fear the worst. I mean ... who doesn't? People don't usually call you at 3am to chat. Not to me anyway!

So, I got hubby to make the dreaded 3am phone call. I could see the pain in his face that said "Please, don't make me do it". My hands were tied, Master 5 was hanging off me - Literally!
We had already administered a dose of Paracetamol which had eased his earache enough for him to go back to sleep. This only lasted a bit over an hour though. He woke up screaming for Mummy. We tried to comfort him, but he was having none of that. "Do something Mummy!" was his demand.

What were our options? With the After Hours Dr closing their doors at 10pm, which is the same time the last Chemist in the South of the State closes, we were considering a trip to the Emergency Department in the city. Knowing that an Earache would be listed low on the Emergency list, though, with a possible all-night wait, while my son screamed and thrashed around on my knee, I was not at all tempted. Our only other option was to administer another medicine, of which the only sort in our possession which would have any effect on the problem was Phenergan. At best, this would only make him drowsy, possibly allowing him and us a bit more sleep, but it would not take away the pain.

So, the time had come to make the call. Thankfully we have a great support system of family and friends living close by. Hubby logged into Facebook first, to check if anyone was online to whom he could plead assistance. Not so lucky! That call just had to be made.

With Hubby's brother and family living close, and the possibility of them having a suitable medicine, hubby made the call while I tried to subdue Master 5. We held our breath until the call was answered. With confirmation that help was only minutes away, Hubby was out the door and back relatively quickly while I distracted Master 5 with games of Angry Birds. The dose of Ibuprofen did the trick and Master 5 was lulled back to sleep, in the comfort of our bed, no less.

The knowledge that he was no longer writhing in pain was a huge comfort to us. We are thankful that we have reliable support close by. We are thankful they are always willing to answer that dreaded call, and help if able. To us, this support is more valuable than any view a change of address could ever bring.