Monday, 17 September 2012

Returning to work for a break!

With the current school holidays half over, I wonder where the last week has gone. I usually have so many things I want to do during my breaks ... but this time I didn't even get past the list stage. So where did the week go?

Down the toilet, that's where!

We didn't even make it through the weekend leading into the first week before Master 5 had a croupy cough. His cough became more congested and developed into more of a general cold over the week. The Sunday at the end of that week saw us sitting at the After Hours Dr waiting for a prescription for antibiotics for an Ear Infection.

Being a typical child and boy, Master 5 does not like to blow his nose, but would rather snort it back into his throat. So pleasant - NOT! Of course, this always leads to him eventually vomiting, which is not the nicest way to get rid of what could have been a good nose blow and a hearty cough. For this child - it is his way, and he is yet to be convinced otherwise.

So Mummy was on bucket duty, given that hubby will start running at the mere sound of a throaty cough. My week then improved tremendously when my body protested that I was meant to be in holiday mode. I contracted a vile little bug and ended up sleeping the good part of a day away. Conveniently, Master 5 did not need a bucket holder on this day.

So I have now returned to work, after my week of holiday with the family, to have a rest, it seems.

I am left dreaming of my list of things to do until my next break.

Source: via Bright Side Up on Pinterest