Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Finding my exercise mojo

When you are trying to get into exercise, or re-trying for the 10th time this year, the first thing you try may not work. I don’t think there is any one exercise or method that will work and come easy for all people.
Part of our company’s Personal Trainers’ job is to get to know each person, teach them different techniques and try them out, and assess their progress.  Our trainer, Sherri from Energy Health Concepts, has come to know us a bit better over time, and is now recommending exercise and methods a bit more tailor-made for each individual.

For me personally, we have tried several things over this time, and one thing became clear for me and Sherri. Firstly I was already playing Netball with a team, and had a set roster for the next 5 months. Netball is once a week for 1 hour. This is a sport I have been playing since I was young, and one I thoroughly enjoy. Whilst it maintains my level of fitness, it is not enough for me to shed kilos or better my fitness.
The addition of exercise equipment at our workplace has been good, and I have made use of it by myself, and with another. This has not become a regular event though. At the beginning of the program, with our enthusiasm at a high, I suggested and started a walking group. This went well for a while until some members started to dwindle due to reasons like illness, the weather, work commitments and personal commitments. In the end I was going solo, every now and then. The fact that I am not doing any things enough or routinely means that I am not getting the results I want.

So in my last monthly assessment and training session Sherri, a plan of attack was made.
The plan consisted of:

  • 1.       A group – formed for support, commitment and encouragement. 

  • 2.       A schedule was drawn up to suit all members and ensure we would meet twice a week.

  • 3.       An exercise regime was introduced using circuit exercise. The circuit work would use different exercises using the equipment at our disposal equal to the number of people in the group. The group would move around the equipment in a circle, getting a good workout aimed at working the whole body and getting the heart rate up.

  • 4.       The Tabata method would ensure a method of timing each exercise and allow time for rest. For example, I might start with a medicine ball and go from squat to overhead continually for twenty seconds, then a 10 second rest. This might be repeated 4 times before going on to the next exercise. 

  • 5.       We have a group of about 5-6 usually so we start with a warm-up, go around the circuit 2-3 times, and then finish with a cool-down and stretches.

So what does this mean for me?
It means that I have a regular commitment of twice a week. It means that when I get there, I am with a group of liked-minded people. The group consists of girls I know and have worked with for a while and we encourage and praise throughout the session. These girls will also not accept excuses not to attend unless you are in hospital or worse, even if It means using the treadmill in the background on minimum speed whilst shouting out encouragement.
It also means that the exercise is fast paced, aimed at working my whole body, and exercise that is proven to get good results.

So I want to know what works for you? Have you found your exercise mojo?