Wednesday, 23 January 2013

An Entertainer, I Am Not

I love a good party. I love the atmosphere, the socialising, the chance to let down my hair, the chance to enjoy a bevy and a nibble. I am not a natural entertainer though. I stress too much and worry about the really little details. I don't enjoy all of the preparation and am not a natural cook.

It is amazing what you do, though, when it is for a loved one, and you stepping up to the plate is the difference in the likelihood of there being a party for that loved one, or not. Thus, I have just been involved in organising and throwing my 2nd 60th Birthday bash.

Luckily for my dear Mum, and also my mother-in-law, they both fall into the category of special people in my life.  Otherwise, you would NEVER have seen me organising either of their 60th Birthday celebrations. 

I can't take all of the credit though. Hubby is always there to do what he can in organising and pitching in on the day. We also have some pretty special relatives who are more party savvy than I, when it comes to feeding a large group of festive friends and relatives.

Despite my lack of experience, and my dislikes, my mother-in-law's recent birthday party went really well. 

The cake was great, there was WAY too much food, the kids had a great time, many people were chatting and laughing, and some choose to bust a move to the music. Amazingly, there were no disasters!

A successful event!

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