Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pause! Mummy Can't Handle You Getting Older.

I have wished for my own personal remote control for many things in the past. 
Haven't we all! There have been many times when I have wished to slow down how fast my children are growing. It does not sit well with me that it is going so fast.

My daughter has just turned 9 years of age.
Not only does this mean that she is getting older, but so am I.

No longer is she my little girl, as she is growing so tall, she is about to pass her grandmothers.
She has also had reason to recently borrow a top from my mother, as they are similar in size. This is just way too scary for this mother.
She is asserting her preferences in the area of clothes, hair and how she spends her time.

Miss 9, as she will now be referred to, is also maturing quickly. This is starting to bring on some of those awkward questions and conversations. On the other hand, I am enjoying the recent chances to have some amazing discussions with her. Being able to talk and discuss things on a higher level is helping us communicate and understand each other better. 

Hubby, on the other hand, is struggling with the thought of Miss 9 maturing. The hormonal changes and the constant moods of a growing girl have him quite in a spin. He lacks experience with growing girls, having only one brother and no sisters.

In my mind, she will always be my little girl. She stills takes opportunities to let me know she needs my comfort, guidance, and occasionally, loves to be fussed over.
She is now taking the opportunity to inform me that she is not a baby anymore, and has more mature tastes (if you don't mind).