Saturday, 26 January 2013

True Blue Australian

We celebrate Australia Day every year as a family. 
We are not celebrating the day white man set foot on Australian land for the first time. We are not celebrating the differences in government groups currently in office. We also are not celebrating that we have several flags to choose from. 
We are celebrating what being Australian means to us, and how proud we are of the people that make this happen.

These are the values of Australia that we celebrate:
Calling someone Mate is done so out of friendliness and familiarity. You don’t need to know that person particularly well, but others will be known as Mate for many years. Mates are there to lend a hand, to share a feast or to catch you out in Backyard cricket.
Have a Go
To try something, at least once, whether you are good at it or not, or whether the thought scares you shitless, is a quality I admire. I am not saying to put yourself in danger nor to do something that is illegal. I am saying try new things and broaden your horizons, because there is so much on offer.
Australia thrives on community, and it can be a great experience to be involved in a group or an event, for the benefit of achieving something together or aiding the people of the area. In times of emergency, sense of community can be seen everywhere. People pitching in together, is one thing I love about living in Australia.
I love that Australia is made up of so many people. Instead of pointing someone out for being different, I think we should celebrate that a great country is made up of many different people. These people make this place interesting in the things they share about opinion, style, language, race, sexual preference, habit and beliefs.
Appreciation of surroundings
Australia is a beautiful place, with so much to see. Whether it is the bush, the beach or the outback you love the most, there is something for everyone. Whether you love to be surrounded by people or prefer not to see anyone for weeks, there is a place for you.
It is out there for the taking; opportunity in Australia is whatever you want to make of it. Given hard work and commitment, people are making things happen every day. There are many things that people would have once thought impossible in Australia, yet, we are living it. I say that as I sit typing with blue fingernails, on my portable laptop, putting my opinion, as a woman on my own blog with the use of remote internet access, near a beach at the most Southern point of Tasmania.

Many people have worked hard to ensure that people have choices in their decisions. Whether it be the clothes you wear, what you eat, your medical options or how you choose to educate yourself, the options are becoming more abundant.

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