Thursday, 23 May 2013

Are You Centred and Balanced?

Isn't it funny how we go about our lives, never really examining how we go about things unless something goes wrong. I know the saying "why fix it if it's not broken", which is often true. I also like the saying "if you do something, then do it well" which is why my trainer introduced a new app. recently to measure posture.

My awesome trainer, Sherri loves to look at things from every angle. Her business, Energy Health Concepts, has earned itself a great reputation because of this approach.

Sherri has been excitedly trying this posture app. PostureScreen Mobile (available through itunes and Google Play) with clients which requires two photos, a front view and side view (neither of my photos will appear on the blog to save the mental health of my readers).
From here, some key points are marked over the body which allows the app. to measure your posture. It also goes on to recommend exercise and techniques based on the findings.

Apparently I am a typical office worker/computer user. I hold my head and shoulders too far forward. This may not be causing problems yet, but with knowledge and some techniques to correct this, hopefully it never will.

My front view showed that I naturally shift to the left, from my pelvis up to my head, although my stance doesn't tilt either way.

Now that I am aware of this I have made some changes at my desk, and set a timer to remind me to do a few office friendly exercises every hour. The timer means that I am constantly reminded to check how I am sitting as well.
Retraining yourself is hard!

Are you conscious of your posture? Has any bad habits with your posture caused you grief?