Friday, 1 November 2013

Why Do We Participate In Halloween?

Halloween is a relatively new thing in Australia. Whilst we have been aware of the spooky tradition of Trick or Treat for years through television, the retail market here has suddenly exploded with the theme only in the last couple of years. So some would ask, why participate?

Whilst I agree that retailers are certainly benefiting from the sales of a tradition certainly not seen to be Australian, and it is aimed at the children which promotes the collecting of sweets from strangers ... I can't help seeing the fun side of it all.

Maybe my first and most vivid memory of Halloween as a child would be the scene from E.T where Elliot and E.T went out into the neighbourhood. What better time for an alien to go undetected roaming the streets amongst the humans?

I remember it looked so much fun.

As a parent, I want my children to be children.
In my view this means using their imagination, playing dress-up, and enjoying the occasional treat.

So we have participated in Halloween for the last two years and again this year.

I helped my own children organise their costumes. I trailed behind them as they went from door to door in our neighbourhood chiming ""Trick or Treat".

Apart from wanting my children to enjoy and remember their childhood as fun, I also like them to experience the joys of living in a friendly community, the giving and receiving, and the reassurance that we live in a great place.

I think Halloween is a likable tradition, with much fun to be had for the young and the not so young.
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