Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Who Is Up For A Good Head Rub?

I am missing something, and have only just recently realised it had gone.
What ever happened to hairdressers that would take you straight to the basin for a wash with a heavenly smelling shampoo, and a scalp tingling scalp massage? I miss it and want it back!

Sure there were a few who tried to do the massage and didn't really understand the significance of why this was an important step for the customer. They didn't know the right pressure to apply, or the fact that you needed to close your eyes and block everything else out whilst you enjoyed the moment, not chit-chat about the weather.

Mostly, the hairdressers got it right, because I'm sure they themselves had looked forward to, and had enjoyed a good, relaxing head rub.

The massage and wash was the reason I looked forward to my hair appointment. It wasn't flicking through the magazines. It wasn't describing the look I wanted, and then realising that a Jennifer Aniston haircut doesn't make you Jennifer Aniston! It wasn't the aftermath of the little spikes of hair stuck here, there and who knows where.

So what are your thoughts on the head massage?
Do you enjoy it? Does your hairdresser offer it as part of the standard appointment?
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