Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: Murine Eye Mist for Dry Eye

Disclaimer: A product was supplied for review.
On a daily basis our eyes endure a lot. For me, it involves sitting at a computer screen for hours, in an air-conditioned office,  then heading out into a dry Australian climate where dust and pollen are getting whipped around in the breeze. The result? Tired, sore, dry, itchy eyes!

Dry eyes are a common problem with many possible causes including air-conditioned or windy environments, extended computer work, wearing contact lenses, long distance travel, ageing and medication. More than two million Australians are suffering and according to some estimates as many as 75 per cent of people over the age of 65 experience dry eye. What are the symptoms I hear you ask.
  • ·         A scratchy or gritty sensation in the eyes
  • ·         Excessive tearing
  • ·         Blurred vision
  • ·         Easily irritated by dry indoor environments
  • ·         Pain and redness of the eye
  • ·         Heavy eyelids
  • ·         Uncomfortable contact lenses

I don't suffer from Dry Eyes as such, but they get tired and certainly itchy and irritated with Hayfever. With this in mind, I wondered what I could say about Murine Eye Mist ... but I soon discovered it is a handy product to have and has many application possibilities.
My first chance came with the common Hayfever symptom of itchy eyes. Rather than put up with the itch or pop an Anti-Histamine I decided to use the Murine Eye Mist, with the hope that it would wash out the dust or whatever was causing the allergic reaction. I closed my eyes one at a time and applied a few sprays to each closed eyelid. After blinking a few times to allow the solution to enter the eye and do it's work, I felt instant relief. How about that!! Such a simple and fast result.

So I now had a direct bond and connection with this eye spray. I could certainly put this to use.

The next opportunity came from hubby. He had been out in the garage doing what men do best, which usually involves power tools, noise and mess. He was removing paint with a wire brush. Despite wearing eye protection, hubby had managed to get a speck of paint on his eye. This speck would not budge, no matter how much he massaged the lid over the top. I broke out the Murine Eye Mist with hope that it could get that paint speck moving. I have some experience in close contact with the eye, having worked in within the Optometry industry for years. Hubby HATES anything near his eyes, as many people do. So he braced himself, but was ecstatic to hear that he could close his eyes while I sprayed his closed eyelid. It took quite a few sprays and a lot of blinking, but it worked in loosening the paint speck so I could gently remove it.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! There must be so many instances in our daily lives where our eye could do with a little added moisture and relief.